Virginia "Ginny" Jones

 Intuitive Healing Services

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Much Love and Thank you so much Ginny

I was in need of an energy healing as I was all out of whack and dealing with anxiety, which is new for me. I barely slept and would stay up to early hours thinking & playing on Facebook. I replied to a post and Ginny responded. For some reason I didn't follow through then a couple of months later I was drawn back to Ginny through Facebook pages I had visited, which took me back to Ginny’s page. I then acted on this as I thought this was a sign. I contacted Ginny and to my surprise she remembered me. We then arranged a Skype healing session, as financially I couldn't afford it. I was nervous but curious to how energy could travel to me via Skype but it did. I was amazed I could actually feel it. It felt like static energy from a balloon or the kind you get from a car. But yet the anxiety subsided and felt calm through the healing and after the healing. Ginny also showed me breathing techniques to use for my anxiety and for my sleeping. I must say I am sleeping much better now and I can to some degree control the anxiety. Thank you so much Ginny for your help and time to heal me mentally and physically. It was worth it and recommends Ginny to anyone in need of energy healing. Would love to meet you in person to say thank you so much I appreciate what you have done for me and your work.

Give Ginny a try, she's great and you won't regret it - maybe you'll get the answers you've been looking for