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Clairvoyant / Tarot Readings

I am an International Clairvoyant Tarot Reader with many years experience, 
My Clairvoyance is different to most as I will bring through the person you would like to hear from, All I need is their name
I work with people from all over the world via Phone, Zoom Link, Messenger or in person 

The TAROT Readings I give start from the present

moment, the cards and spirit tell me what is

 happening in your life at the present time, then

 go on to provide insight and direction into your

 future and any situations that may be going on

 around you, 
if you would like to hear from a loved one in spirit please let me know at the beginning of the reading 
My Clairvoyance is very different to most as I will bring through the person who you would like to hear from all you have to do is give me their name. 


The information that comes through me comes from a place of
Love and Light

People are amazed at how accurate the Tarot Cards are.

I offer a General Tarot Reading and up to four questions

we connect via Zoom or one to one, for an hour session $120 
Email to book and details to pay   

contact GINNY JONES  mobile - 0064 0211207370

Email -


First off, this is coming from someone who has received several readings from highly advanced intuitives. Ginny takes the cake when it comes to the highest energy! I could literally see spirit orbs flying around her during the whole reading, which was amazing! She validated many things that I have going on in my life at the moment. She also enlightened me on some events that have yet to happen. She had no problem telling me exactly what I need to work on, and I really respect that! She has also done a Light Body Activation on me that I have to say really launched me even further out on to my spiritual path. I've had it validated from two different psychics that this Activation really boosted my vibration considerably! I consider her my soul family and would recommend her to anyone who is trying to improve their life in a spiritual way! I owe her a debt of gratitude for where I am at today!

Thank you Ginny for a great reading. A message came through that I wasnt expecting at all and it was awesome. Thank you so much.
Hi Ginny, wow I was so impressed by your picture and the message. You have confirmed many doubts for me through this reading and I would be happy to do this again in the future. Have a wonderful xmas!
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