Virginia "Ginny" Jones

 Intuitive Healing Services

Personal Light Code Transmission Activation

This service is a Personal Light Code Transmission Activation

Channelled through me from my and your spirit and Star Being Guides

This will

The light codings channelled through me, come from my and your multi star seed lineage, from our star families, 

They are a frequency of codings, each one will resonate with your cellular star seed DNA to awaken the DNA codings in each strand,  these will be recognised in your cellular memory and soul, triggering a remembrance in your entire being, many of you may feel the effect physically as your DNA opens, your nervous system may feel the effect, many of you might get pressure in your head, this this is quite normal when one is receiving a down load of frequency, you may get high pitched frequency in your ears,  

 All the light codes will help to open your DNA, heart and Consciousness

triggering a remembrance of long forgotten knowledge and wisdom

your 6th sense will be triggered 

The Transmission Activation will be sent via email as an mp3 or sound recording

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The cost for this will be 

$40 USD

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