Virginia "Ginny" Jones

 Intuitive Healing Services

for Tattoo or Personal Coded Art

Feel into them as this is what the body and soul recognises, these codes are full of light frequency information that the soul and DNA recognises, they trigger the activation of the cellular structure, DNA and higher consciousness
This information is multidimensional in nature, also intelligent it goes where it needs to go in the entire multidimensional being
A message in diamond light coded form, holding cosmic high frequency information of the highest level, integrating this information into the cellular structure activating the DNA, the higher consciousness and the crystalline light body
This information can’t be read by the mind it can only be understood by the heart, soul and higher self, each line formation holds a huge amount of information, wisdom and knowledge of consciousness technology which will align into the physical world at the right time for each individual
I feel very blessed to be able to download this information for people
The awakening codes are here
These light codings I channelled through, they come from multi star seed lineage, from our star families, each line is a different frequency of codings, each one will resonate with your cellular star seed DNA to awaken the DNA codings in each strand, some of you will be drawn to the different dialects, these where recognised in your cellular memory and soul, triggering a remembrance in your entire being, many of you felt the effect physically as your DNA opened, your nervous system felt the effect, many of you had pressure in your head, this is quite normal when one is receiving a down load of frequency, many were drawn visually to the dialects, but didn't feel anything, you where still getting a down load of frequency but you didn't feel it, many felt that one or more of the dialects didn't feel right, but they where drawn to it, the ones that didn't feel right where causing deep clearing, All the light codes have help to open your DNA, heart and Consciousness

What Are Light codes ?

Light codes are a high frequency, a vibrational form of light coding, you could call them a form of communication, a language, but not as we know it,

They are a form of light coded frequency that is recognised and delivered into the cellular structure, into the DNA, working as a information key, that unlocks the information of light frequency that is already in your DNA,

They are a pure expression of unconditional Love and the highest frequency in coded form, straight from the cosmic heart, The collective, God Force and our Extra terrestrial friends

Personal Light Coded Tattoo Design will be delivered to you via email

The price for this transmission is $88 

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Hi Ginny,

Wow, wow, wow!

Thank you for such a quick turn around.. I love it and can’t wait to work with it!

It’s printed and ready to go 🏼

Impressions coming to me are Peaceful, masculine and feminine and foundation on which everything is built, as above, so below..

I’m symbolically seeing a hand coming down from above to join / align, open me up.. how beautiful ❣️

Thank you again 🏼


from a client who has had a tattoo design inked onto his skin

Hi Ginny! I wanted to let you know about this experience I had two days ago! I went to get my light coded tattoo finished and my Metatron’s cube tattoo touched up. When I got home, I immediately went to go take a shower. I noticed that when I closed my eyes, I got this brief vision of this circle of light. It was about a basketball in diameter. I could not see it with my eyes opened or shut. Only when I opened and shut them over and over, did I see it clearly. It lasted for about 40 minutes. I think it was absolutely related to my tattoo or tattoos. Casey