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Do you have spirit or Ghost activity?  Does your home or workspace feel strange? Do you hear strange noises or tapping? Do you notice strange smells? After moving into your new home, have you suddenly started to suffer with ill health? Has there been a cycle of conflict or arguing? Do you see shapes or shadows out the corner of your eye? Do you pick up bad vibes when you are there? Do you feel like you are being stared at by something unseen by the eye? Do your animals act unusually, like they can see something that you can’t? Do your children wake at night or have night terrors? Do you have disturbed sleep? Do you feel cold spots? Does your place have damp or electrical problems? Have you had one thing after another happen? Like, you are having a run of bad luck? Has your house been stuck on the market?  Do objects go missing and reappear in another place? Do electrical appliances, computers, lights etc, play up or turn on or off?  Have you got an infestation problem, Ants, Wasps nests? Did the house/land have a history of divorce, upset, fire or violence, before you moved in?


If you answered yes to any of these, you have spirit activity or stuck, stagnant or negative energy disrupting you, your family or employees normal way of life,

The above phenomena reflect disturbances in the energy flow. When we clear the causes, the space feels better.   It feels more protective and much more comfortable. The negative energies are gone. Many or most of the above symptoms disappear.  People like being there. Relations flow more smoothly. The space feels cosy, warm, light and lifted.

All Clearings and Blessings are Carried out using the most highest Love and Light vibration with the best intention for all concerned

We can help you


Physical House/Land or Workplace Clearings

I will visit the place you are wanting to be cleared, I will clear the energy and spirit and return the whole place back to being peaceful, light and clear

The clearing process is quite involved; I clear each room and the land to the boundary line, two people are always used for these clearings, to ensure spiritual energy on all levels is cleared and healed.

Prices start from $350 Auckland area, all other areas from$500 plus expenses, this covers me coming to your home or business

Contact GINNY JONES on     0211207370    or


Distant House/Land Workplace Clearings and Blessings

I can also do distant clearings I do not have to be present to clear unwanted energy from your home, I am able to focus and tune into the energy of your home and perform a house clearing in this way.  This service is available worldwide

To request a house clearing, I need the following:  Your full name, your address, what is going on in your home and why you think you have a ghost, or unwanted energy, a photo of your home is helpful but not necessary.  Once this information and your payment has been received, your clearing will be done as soon as possible.

Distant house Clearing from  $100 US

on site in person Clearings or Blessings - Auckland area from $380 NZ price includes myself coming to the property.

All other areas from $500 plus expenses

Email me :

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Home Sweet Home -

Some positive benefits of clearing?
Apart from cleaning up stagnant Energy, clearing brings its own positive effects:

  • Start off in your new home with the cleanest and most sound energy you can have, providing for a warm "homey" feeling  “Home Sweet Home”
  • Having trouble selling your home or looking to raise the value? House clearings can improve people’s reactions to your space dramatically!
  • Refresh your house before bringing an innocent and sensitive new baby home
  • People see an immediate difference after a house clearing and often experience an improvement in relationships, finances, and health issues
  • Getting rid of that ‘something is not quite right’ feeling at home brings with it a ‘something so right’ feeling too!
  • And so much more…