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This meditation will connect you to the diamond light at the Centre of the earth, at the same time it will bring the healing Activation Energy of the Earth into every cell of your body, creating an opening and clearing of your cells, with the added bonas of cell singing. A deep Powerful connection within yourself and the Earth, 

This meditation is free in the Higher Conciousness Coaching Memership Group 

recomendation: on a regular basses or 21 days 

This is good to listen to at anytime of the day 

what people are saying about this meditation

Wow powerful, healing and so beautiful ❤️

That was Beautiful, thank you so much Ginny. I can not wait to do this each night for 21 days. It might just get me into practising meditation again. Much love to you. X

Ginny I seemed to recognise the song you are singing in this and felt compelled to sing with you. The sounds from me very similar and familiar.

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