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Ginny Jones

Hi Lovelies,

Hope you are having an amazing weekend, I'm just writting to tell you that there are 2 new pages on the website, 

Super-Symmetry Multidimensional Advanced Vortex Healing


Workshops, courses and classes 

Come along and take a look at what spirit and myself have been doing, this year so far has been busy, spirit have been working with me for several months now, using my imagination to create Super-Symmetry Multidimmensional Advanced Vortex Healing, If you look up (google) Super-Symmetry you will see that science have a thery about this, they feel they are a stone's throw away from proving that there are other dimensions around us that we can't see ( we all know there are) but it needs to be proven, this form of healing Super-Symmetry, spirit have given me a way of opening doorways to these other dimensions and there are a few, I am able to draw healing energy back to our dimension for healing and activation perposes, As you can probably tell I am very excited about this 

With the workshops I am doing

Meditation and Tarot play

Energy awareness Healing Cirle

Opening the creative mind 

Come along and check them out and the other pages, there just might be something you are interested in

Much Love to you All


All of my life's work comes from the highest place of Love and light,

<3 creating the best for you <3

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