Virginia "Ginny" Jones

Ginny Jones Intuitive Sevrvices


Ginny is a natural born Psychic, 

ever since she can remember she has been able to sense energy, often see spirit and tap into other dimensions

Ginny was born at home in a little village very near Stonehenge in the UK

Now living in New Zealand with her husband and menagerie of animals, in The Bay of Plenty

Ginny has experienced many things through out her life this along with her natural intuition 

is what gives her an understanding and a natural compassion for other


Reiki Master-Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Intuitive, Transformation Life Coach

Hypno-Abundance Practitioner, Visionary, Quantum Traveller

Known as Ginny, she works in the Intuitive Educational Fields Nationally & Internationally

She works with the deepest integrity, to assist people, through  difficult times.

Her compassionate empathy uplifts humanity and directs people towards a way to work through life’s challenges.

In which she see’s confidence, courage, strength and JOY return.

As she works with people, she whispers to your soul, the essence of who you are. The truest expression of YOU.

She see’s each person’s vibration, and taps into this uniqueness as she see’s everyone is uniquely made up of glyphs of codes.

Her intuitive knowing has assisted many:

Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Spiritually.

Her Techniques are able to balance the body and restore depleted energies, within seconds, a coming together.

Ginny heads to the core, is able to remove blocks, in turn, promotes increased vitality, Health, Wealth and Well-being.

Skype sessions are available:

Healing sessions, Transmission/Activation, Intuitive Readings

Stress Relief and most importantly removal of the side effects 

of stress.

She also teaches techniques that will calm the body and mind.

Healing Modalities include:

Healing Activations/Transmissions, Intuitive Readings, Reiki, Crystals, Inner Child, Emotional Freedom, Conscious and 

Subconscious Work, Sound, Cell Singing, Light Frequency-Light Language, 5th Dimension Frequency Healing, Galactic Core 

Cellular Light Frequency Healing,

Her works are sort after;

Colour Coaching, Abundance Coaching, Transformation Life Coaching,, Confidence Building, Stress Management, Meditation, The Angelic Realms

The Spirit World and Many Star Beings.

Recognised world wide, as one of the most intuitive “Holistic Healers”